Masked burglars hit stores in Lincoln, Pulaski

March 11, 2004|EMILY BURTON

WAYNESBURG - Police in two counties continue the search today for two, possibly three, men suspected in a lightning round of early-morning break-ins on Tuesday.

According to Lincoln County dispatchers, the men are wanted in connection with thefts at several small businesses in Pulaski and Lincoln counties. Four Pulaski stores were hit within about 46 minutes, reported officials, with two locations burglarized soon after in Lincoln County.

The suspects began their chain of thefts on Ky. 461 in Pulaski, proceeded on Ky. 80, and ended their spree heading north on U.S. 27, said Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood.

Lincoln dispatchers were notified and called several area gas station owners to alert them of the possible threat.

Despite the calls, Leach' s Shell Mart in Waynesburg and Caney Creek B.P. were both burglarized before their owners could arrive.


"She just said the store south of you had just been broken into, and the alarm was going off," said Barry Leach, owner of the Shell Mart. When he arrived at his store, Leach found the door sprung and about $100 gone.

"I was probably within five or 10 minutes of catching them," he said. It was the third time his store has been broken into.

Police report the Leach burglary occurred shortly after the break-in at Caney Creek and the four burglaries in Pulaski. At each location, the door was pried open and money was taken, said Wood.

Some of the locations hit had surveillance videos that recorded the crime, giving police a starting point in their search.

"We have film of the suspects, and even though they were masked and clothed, we have some leads," said Wood.

Wood said his department was following those tips, but declined to name any suspects. "We do have some leads we are working on at this time, but obviously it is an ongoing investigation," said Wood.

State Trooper Clyde Bertram, John Hutchinson of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department and Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Toby Henderson are investigating.

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