Residents urged to clean up their property

March 12, 2004

Dear Editor:

It's that time of year again. Grass and weed enforcement season starts April 1 and runs through Oct. 30.

Please, survey your yard and start your yard cleanup. You can start by pulling up weeds and hauling off trash and debris (the Convenience Center on Gose Pike is open six days a week and accepts trash and rubbish from residents).

If you have old tires, call Donna Fechter at 238-1116. She is Boyle County's solid waste coordinator. Remember March 21-27 is Commonwealth Cleanup Week.

Please, help keep Danville clean. Also, be a good neighbor and help those who need help in their yards.

Lastly, bring in your garbage can after your pickup day. Garbage cans left out after the pickup day could get you up to a $500 fine and/or jail time not exceeding 60 days. This is our community. Please, help to keep it clean.


Thanks for caring about Danville.

Tom Broach, director

Code enforcement services


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