Property Transfers for March 14

March 14, 2004


Deeds recently filed in the office of Boyle County Clerk Denise Curtsinger include:

Teri A. and Lloyd Wineland III to Jody D. Shannon, lot in Baughman Heights subdivision, $61,000.

Patricia S. Cloud and Otis and Judy Walls to Easter Rogers, lot in Phylben Village, $15,100.

Easter Rogers to Joe and Mary S. Rogers, lot in Phylben Village, fair market value $24,000.

Edwin D. and Mary E. Klatte to Malinda S. Smith, lot in Charleston Greene Townhouse, $215,000.

Mary J. and Henderson Goins Jr. to Marjorie L. Pappas, lot in Cloverdale subdivision, $118,000.

Dennis T. and Cheryl J. Bryant to Emanuel Gray, lot in Boyle County, $96,500.

Ann and Irvin Long and Donald and Dorothy Cochran to Michael K. Long II, lot on Oakland Street, $30,000.

Richardson Heritage Partnership to Lipr Enterprises LLC, two lots in Clearview subdivision, lot in Hillcrest Estates and lot on South Fourth Street, fair market value $595,000, to convert general partnership to a limited liability company.


Robert Pike, executor of David M. Pike estate, to Melissa Bates, lot on Spareminute Avenue, $69,000.

Leavanwood Properties LLC to Jeremy W. and Shannon Tarter, property in Boyle County, $240,000.

Crit R. and Joe A. Barnes to Gary P. and Tammy L. Charnonneau, lot in Riverview Estates, $160,000.

Old Bridge Inc. to D.R. Builders Inc., lot in Old Bridge subdivision, $34,000.

Old Bridge Inc. to D.R. Builders Inc., lot in Old Bridge subdivision, $15,000.

Katherine Glover, Michael Glover and Susan Diehl, co-trustees of the Katherine Glover Qualified Personal Residence Trust, to Brandon T. and Ann M. Bottom, lot in Brenwood subdivision, $77,500.

Fred A. and Kay Edwards to Jacqueline and Russell Caltagerone, lot in Old Bridge subdivision, $231,000.

Karen Milburn to Dewey and Carolyn W. Small, lot on Russell Street, $128,000.

Glen and Ruby Bolin to Vernon and Rebecca Webb, lot in Bluegrass Estates, $200,000.

Michael Hughes, executor of Scottie Mae Wilkerson estate, to Best Homes Inc., lot on Russell Street, $15,000.

Rodes Development LLC to Scott and Traci Preston, lot in Southgate subdivision, $16,000.

Dennis L. Whitehouse to Linda Carrico, lot on U.S. 150, $39,000.

James W. and Terry N. Owens, executors of Douglas T. Owens estate, to James T. Owens, lot in Junction City, $70,000.

John T. Davis and Joe G. Davis Jr., executors of Helen I. Davis estate, to Pegi Camenisch, lot in Charleston Green Townhouses, $160,000.

Bank One, executor of H. Earle Swim estate, to James H. and Jean A. Ragland, lot in Rolling Meadows subdivision, $225,000.

Mary K. Edwards to Charlotte Edwards and Mary K. Edwards, lot in Boyle County, fair market value $17,500.

James R. Pope to John and Brooke Piscatelli, lot in Perryville, $49,000.

Sandra L. Brown to David E. Brown, lot on U.S. 150, marriage dissolution settlement, fair market value not listed.

David E. Brown to Sandra L. Brown, lot on U.S. 150, marriage dissolution settlement, fair market value not listed.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Eva S. Miller include:

Edsol L. and Wanda Wilson to Donald and Janice Roberts, lot in Basil and Alice Roy Project, Windsor, $3,000.

Casey County Sportsman's Club Inc. to Arva Edelen and Terry Edelen Sr., 2.38 acres on Long Branch Road, $5,000.

Keith A. and Pamela S. Snow to Donald and Joy Tarter, David Tarter, and Anna Tarter-Smith, 9 acres on Green River, $45,000.

Juvenal A. Meddelin to Felipe and Alma F. Medellin, lot in High Point subdivision on Ky. 49, gift; fair cash value, $6,000.

Mary Ann Cochran for the Lowell O. Cochran estate to Mary Ann Cochran, two tracts on Wilson Ridge Road, fair cash value $44,000.

John N. Jackson for Jean D. Jackson estate to John N. Jackson, Jonathan S. Jackson and Glenn D. Jackson, 160 acres on Ky. 1859, fair cash value $275,000.

Rosalee Murphy for Geneva Cochran estate to Rosalee Murphy, house and lot on Ky. 910 and 21 acres on Dry Fork Creek, fair cash value $45,000.

John A. and Margaret Thaman to Kerry Simpson, 54.14 acres on Trace Fork and Ky. 501, $62,000.

Brenda M. Carmicle and Debra K. McAninch for Alene F. McAninch estate to Brenda M. Carmicle and Debra K. McAninch, property on Weddle Street, fair cash value $30,000.

Kenneth D. and Victoria A. Smith to Richard A. and Twila G. Patten, 110 acres on Tennessee Ridge, $35,000.

Pascal and Connie Luttrell to Garrett and Janet Luttrell, contract for sale of two tracts on Contown Road, $25,000.

Gerald D. and Lucille T. Burton to Gerald and Lucille Burton Family Revocable Living Trust, 264.47 acres on Ky. 80; fair cash value $286,000.

Mary Belle and Edwin Coppage to Fred J. and Linda G. Peavy, property on Ky. 1547 and Ky. 70, $75,000.

C.E. Tucker to Edgar and Lucille W. Hendrickson, 38 acres on West Casey Creek, $1,200. (Deed made in 1941)

Donald and Betty Morgan to Misty D. Bastin, lot in Pleasantview subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $4,000.

Cody Dykes for O.M. Dykes estate to Marie Dykes, four lots on Fair and Wolford streets, fair cash value $46,000.

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