Net Xpress: Some recommendations on portable e-mail services

March 15, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

Today I will be addressing a recent question from my mailbag. Allen W. writes: "We are interested in an e-mail address that will be portable and allow us to move between ISPs without changing our e-mail address each time. Something like the portability of the cell phone number when you change carriers. I'd prefer not to use a Yahoo or HotMail account. Will a domain name accomplish this and is it practical and cost effective? Can this domain e-mail be routed into an e-mail offered through a cable ISP or a DSL provider? Are folks picking up domains for personal use of this nature?"

Answer: Personal e-mail addresses are not the intended function of domain names. Domain names are mainly for Web sites. In order to get a domain name you have to pay a yearly fee and you have to have two IP addresses in order to register a domain name.


A better option for a portable e-mail address would be to get one of the Web-based e-mail accounts. You mentioned Yahoo! and Hotmail services, but there are many other e-mail services out there.

Here are a few others you might want to check into: Netscape Mail at is a free service. Opera Web mail at is a free service. at is a free service. NetAddress at is a fee-based service with fees set at $5.95 monthly, $39.99 annually and $69.99 for two years. at costs $10 per year.

The key to finding a good portable e-mail account is simply finding a service that will stick around, which is why I've mentioned the services above. All are well-established companies that have been around a while.

Microsoft patch alert

* Office XP Service Pack 3 was released last week. Make sure all of your Office products are up-to-date by visiting the Office Update site. A direct link to the Service Pack update can be found at

* Three security holes were found in the MSN Messenger software versions 6.0 and 6.1 that could allow access to a computer using the software. Another flaw was found in Outlook 2002 and Windows Media Services 4.1. Learn more. The patches are at

MSN Live online events

March 16: The Aussie Invasion with The Vines, JET and The Living End are on a 20-city, four-week tour and stop in to chat 6:30-8 p.m.

March 17: Singer Jackson Browne chats at 7 p.m.; chat with John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting at 8 p.m..

March 18: Chat with Rooney band members at 7 p.m.

Net buzzz

* The Email Service Provider Coalition (ESPC) - which includes four leading national ISPs, America Online Inc., EarthLink Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc - have filed six lawsuits against some of the largest spammers. Read more.

* Microsoft has decided to delay the next release of two of their products - SQL Server and Visual Studio.NET until the beginning of 2005. Read more.

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