Stanford library weighing options for more space

March 15, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - The walls of Harvey Helm Memorial Library are closing in, say library officials, as the needs of the community outgrow the current building.

Tonight, local businesses have been called in to help alleviate the strain.

Members of the library board and select businesses will attend a conference at the library to discuss the growing needs of the building, and what they can do to help.

A representative of the state library construction department will be on hand to explain the problem and offer possible solutions.

Chris Bischoff of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives will give a presentation about the needs of the library, the costs of a new building, and the possible monetary solutions.

One of the main focuses will be finding a suitable site for a new, larger, building. The current site is short on shelf space, computer area and reading nooks, said Kay Peppard, library director.


"We're just trying to decide on property right now," said Peppard.

Currently, the five-member library board is researching three pieces of property for new locations, two of which are inside city limits. They already hold the option on land in Wilderness Estates and on the corner of U.S. 27 and Main Street. They also have considered property on Lancaster Street.

In past meetings, Stanford Mayor Eddie Carter and other city officials have urged the library board to keep the building in the city limits. Carter said the library should be in proximity to the courthouse for easy use by people researching their family history.

Recommendations for other possible sites are welcome, as are donations of land or money, said Peppard. Contributions would help the community and could be used as a tax write-off by the donor.

Peppard said she hopes the meeting will garner interest in the community, and perhaps even some alternative solutions to the library's growing problem.

"We're still hoping that some generous soul will step forward with land," said Peppard.

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