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March 15, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

The brick yards in the west end of town now will be known as Dillehay Brick Co. Since the death of Ed Russel the yards have been operated successfully by E.R. Dillehay. E.R. Dillehay has been elected president and general manager of the company and R.M. Dillehay is secretary. The company is one of the biggest brick concerns along the Q&C Railroad and is selling millions of bricks to foreign as well as home trade.

Workhouse keeper Timony had his force of prisoners out on the street scraping the mud up to be hauled away. The work mostly was done on West Main Street, between College and Maples avenues. Because this section is low, mud congregates in large quantities during wet weather and travel is impeded considerably.

Howard Camnitz, the Hustonville boy who has gained such a reputation in the last two years as a baseball twirler, was in the city shaking hands with old friends. He will report at Hot Springs in a few weeks for preliminary practice with the Pittsburgh team of the National League and if not fast enough to accompany the team back to Pittsburgh, will go to Vicksburg, where he played last season.


L.E. Bryant, who is a great admirer of relics, has just come in possession of a rifle that probably is 100 years old. He got it from a mountaineer near Robbins, Tenn. The gun weighs about 31 pounds and the length of the barrel is 59 inches. It was a flintlock, but later was changed to a percussion lock. Bryant has a gun collection and probably will be asked to loan them to the Kentucky World's Fair Commission.

The Junction City lodge, Knights of the Maccabees, are preparing for a big entertainment at their hall. An Old Fiddler's Contest has been arranged and about 50 of the old-timers are expected to compete.

75 years ago - 1929

The Danville motorcade of the Chamber of Commerce will leave from The Gilcher Hotel and head for Charleston, S.C. The party will stop for lunch in Pineville and proceed through the picturesque mountains to Middlesboro. Mayor W.O. McIntyre says arrangements have been made with the Isle of Palms Hotel, which will open in advance of the regular season. The hotel overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and a special rate of $2 per person will be charged.

Easy methods for preparation of a wide variety of frozen foods and desserts are in a new recipe book being distributed by R.A. Lipps, local Frigidaire dealer. Lipps says the new refrigerators offer six freezing speeds.

Dr. Wallace Green was running the same drug store in Perryville during the Civil War as he now operates and, remarkable as it may seem, still is doing all the clerking in this celebrated stand. One day in the early 1860s he heard a wild whoop of a band of desperadoes as they dashed through Main Street. One-armed Sam Berry was the leader. He rode his horse into the store, shot a few medicine bottles off the shelves, then dashed down the street spreading terror among fleeing inhabitants.

The parents of a 4-year-old girl were arrested after it was discovered that they had forced her to break the ice in Clark's Run Creek and take a bath in the freezing water. Then, they beat the innocent child with a heavy leather strap. The child and a younger sister were taken to the Red Cross. The children now are at the Kentucky Children's Home in Lyndon. The parents will be prosecuted to the law's limits.

In observance of National Health Week, a health play was given by members of the second and third grades at Broadway School. Miss Helen Gray and Miss Ruth Goggin were in charge. The play showed a little, sick girl being taught the different health foods and habits that would make her strong and well.

50 years ago - 1954

An unusual radio program called "Uncle Sassy and His Pals" will be given through the efforts of WHIR and First Christian Church. William Foster, the church's minister of education, said the church has been working with children of various ages to deliver basic sermons. Foster says the Uncle Sassy program features unusual sound effects, different voices and a lot of time and hard work to do the recording.

An all-day auction sale by members of the Maple Avenue Parent-Teacher Association raised $650 to pay for expenses during the school year. Mrs. John Walkup is chairman of the PTA's Ways and Means Committee. Boys and girls in Mrs. B.H. Dinwiddie's room at Maple Avenue presented several songs.

The City of Perryville filed suit against 26 property owners for alleged non-payment of taxes. The city claims it is owed $818. A controversy existed between the city and a number of property owners since 1950 when the Boyle Circuit Court established an extension of the city limits. The city's original charter fixed the city limits a half mile in all directions from a given point in the center of town. At some point, taxes were levied within a radius of a quarter mile from the center.

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