Forum: Junction City needs to sell water, sewer system to Danville

March 17, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

JUNCTION CITY -- Sell the water and sewer system to Danville, and improve sewerage. That's what residents said should be the city's first priority this year.

An local option election in 2006 and recruitment of business and industry were the other top goals at the annual Boyle County Community Development Council's forum here Tuesday. Another recurring theme was to work on the city's image.

The Boyle County forum will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Danville High School.

Attendance was light on residents and heavy on public officials, but all those present agreed that the city is deadlocked until it improves water and sewerage. A pharmacy and the rumor of a car dealership possibly locating in the city is encouraging, the group said.

Water and sewerage was the city's top priority at the 2003 forum as well. There is $500,000 in the federal budget to work on the failing system, but it hasn't been signed by President Bush. The money would be used to improve sewerage in Junction City and east Danville.


Junction City and Danville have been in closed-door negotiations for at least a year, but officials from both cities refuse to talk publicly about the sale.

Antiquated lines cannot handle the sewerage coming out of the city, and the problem is worsened by leakage in the pipes. The failing sewerage system has caused city residents to pay larger water bills. Septic systems used by city residents fail and cause health issues.

The group who spoke about the wet-dry vote said that the community needs to start soon educating residents, debate the issue and find a spokesperson.

Other goals listed were:

* Find more money.

* Improve the city park.

* Clean up.

* Promote the airport.

* Tie together the two parts of town that were split when U.S. 127 was built.

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