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March 17, 2004

Child sexual abuse: How to prevent it

Preventing sexual victimization of children by teaching children about their bodies and making sure they:

n Know the difference between a "good touch" (such as a pat on the back) or a "bad touch" (such as fondling with body parts).

n Know it's not right for anyone, including family members or friends, to touch them in a place that makes them feel uncomfortable.

n Are never forced to sit on someone's lap or to hug or kiss someone, including family members or friends.

Preventing sexual victimization of children by making sure they know:

n Their full name, address and phone number.

n Never to open the door when they are home alone.

n To keep their distance from adults they do not know well.

n Never to get into a car or go on a walk with anyone without parental permission.


n Not all adults or older children, including some family members or friends, can be trusted.

n To tell their parents if an adult or older child touches their "private parts" or other parts of their bodies in ways that make them feel uncomfortable.

n Never provide personal information, verbally or through notes, letters or e-mails, to strangers, or agree to face-to-face meetings with them.

n Never respond to suggestive letters or e-mails.

n Always to tell their parents about any unusual, obscene or inappropriate behaviors and communications by adults or older children, whether they are strangers or close family members or friends.

Preventing sexual victimization of children by being alert to:

n Any money or gifts they bring home.

n Where they are at all times.

n Any changes in their behavior.

n What's been sent or received in e-mails and over the Internet.

n Any new and/or closer relationships formed with adults, including family members and friends.

n What kinds of activities they engaged in while in the charge of baby-sitters or the company of other adults or older children.

Source: Children's Advocacy Center of the Bluegrass, 183 Walton Ave., Lexington, Ky. 40508; 859-225-KIDS (5437);|3/17/04|***

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