Mercer man fined $11,300 for septic violation

March 18, 2004|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - Carl Sparks, 48, 735 Cummins Ferry Road, Salvisa, has been fined $11,300 for failure to bring a septic system at his home into compliance with health department regulations.

Tony White, Mercer County Health Department environmentalist and environmental supervisor, was in court last week when Sparks appeared before Mercer District Court Judge Jeff Dotson.

White said today that the case has been going on for almost two years. White said Sparks had put in a septic system and covered it with soil and occupied the house without getting the system inspected and approved.

"Once you occupy the residence, you're in violation," White said. "The court told him to get it inspected and approved.

"I went down in September to inspect it, and it was not in compliance."

Sparks appeared in court in October, and the judge gave him until mid-November to get the system inspected and approved. The judge also told Sparks he would be fined $100 a day after mid-November if it was not approved, White said.


"He just never did do it," White said.

White said today that he does not believe the system represents a health hazard. "(Sewage) is not coming to the surface that I know of." For White, this case is a first during his 13 years at the health department.

"This is not something I've seen happen since I've been with the health department," he said. "Most people get in compliance before it gets to this point."

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