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March 22, 2004

A woman who is part owner of the water tiger recently captured by Chief of Police Wood and Sheriff McDowell was fined $75 and sentenced to 30 days in prison. Another woman was fined on the same charge but will appeal. A tiger is used in illegal alcohol sales.

Master Commissioner Reed Nichols sold in front of the courthouse door the following property: the old black Baptist church on Green Street to Dr. B.F. Jones for $901; a tract of 54 acres on Salt River belonging to Richard Clarkson to C.I. Pittman for $675; 40 acres belonging to the same party and sold to the same party for $200; 48 acres on the Perryville and Brumfield pike to William D. Broyles for $528.

The ladies of the Trinity Episcopal Church are arranging to have a handkerchief sale. They have been busy making handkerchiefs and all sorts of fancy articles from handkerchiefs. The young ladies of the church will serve refreshments.


The Star Bowling Alley was sold to John Partin of Lancaster. Partin will run the rest of the season and then move the alleys to some other point in the state, probably Corbin. The alleys have been used for the past five years and are considerably worn. Box ball seems to have taken the place of the once popular game.

A candidate for the first degree of the TNE fraternity created a little excitement on a Saturday morning when he appeared on the streets dressed as the happy hooligan. This is part of the ritual necessary for being numbered among the faithful brothers. If this ceremony is public, no telling what he must do behind closed doors.

75 years ago - 1929

Battling to the finish before a frenzied mob of 37 spectators, the Kiwanis-Rotary gymnasium class volleyball team was defeated by the team representing the Centre College faculty. The faculty members still are wondering how it happened. It was a case of brains beating brawn. The brains had on their team youngsters such as Lindenmeyer, Kubale, Biles, Munn, Meier and Owens. The brawns were represented by Dr. M.M. Allen, Martin, Nichols, Eberts, Alcock, Lindsay and Towles. After the game, the air was as full of alibis as the air over the Curtiss flying field of airplanes.

The Swiss Sanitary Milk Co. has procured the Skilman Cheese Formula for making sweet curd creamed cottage cheese, and J.A. Skilman is representing the company until his product is introduced to the people of Danville. The product is different from others on the market because it is mixed with heavy sweet cream for serving. Anyone wanting to try free samples should call the company.

About 32 Danville High School students participated in the seventh district music and scholarship contests at Lebanon and won 14 firsts, four seconds and one third. Some of the winners were: English composition, three firsts to Louise Boling, Dick Jackson and Melvina Strunk; English literature, three firsts, Haynes McMullen, Leslie Gillette and Ruby Prather; mathematics, Ralph Ellis, second, and Chester Elford, third; science, Sam Nichols, first, and Mary Coleman, second; history, Louis Hamner, first; declamation, Margaret Harmon, second; piano solo, Mary Louise Durham, first; and girls vocal trio, Frances Stith, Rowena Doolan and Margaret Hays Stone, first.

The body of one of the best fiddler players in the country was found badly mangled on the L&N railroad tracks near Gravel Switch. He was a farmer and lived near Parksville. He was last seen after cashing a $9 check when he said he was going to "hop a loose engine and go to Junction City for work." He is survived by seven children.

50 years ago - 1954

The executive committee for the campaign to raise funds for the proposed Music-Arts and Little Theatre buildings at Centre College met. Members are J.D. Erskine, Enos Swain, Charles T. Hazelrigg, J.H. Bailey, E.P. Faulconer Jr., W.T. Isaac, Pat Best and Norris Armstrong. Funds raised locally will supplement the $40,000 gift bequeathed by the late Miss Emma Weisiger. The building will cost an estimated $175,000.

The consensus among the younger generation of music lovers in Danville is "We like the kind of music played at the Artist Series concerts." Five of them made a special trip to the Community Concert Association headquarters to purchase their tickets for the upcoming season. This is the first year that a specially-priced student ticket has been available. The youngest of the group, Tee Clay, is 9 and has been attending for five years. Next year will be Michael Swain's first year, but he says he has been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Marshall Isham for three years and likes music.

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