Liberty will upgrade police equipment

March 25, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - The City Council agreed to purchase four portable radios Thursday for the police department and promised to consider requests for other equipment for the police force.

Police Chief Ron Whited said two officers furnish their own radios and most of the other radios are old and need replacing. "We've got two good radios that we can depend on," he said. He said an extra handheld radio also will be needed in the future when a resource officer is hired to patrol Casey County schools.

Whited suggested purchasing radios like the county uses. He said the cost is $275 each. The radios may be purchased through a special price by purchasing two and getting one free.

The city voted to buy four radios and amended the budget to reflect the purchase.

The city also is considering purchasing Taser guns at the recommendation of the Kentucky League of Cities. The guns stun a person for about two minutes but does not harm them. He said the cost usually runs $400 each.


Whited suggested the city purchase two Taser guns.

"These guns are the thing to have," said Whited. "They are like stun guns but better. They will cut down on liability." He said the guns also might cut down on insurance premiums.

The city also will consider a request for video cameras and radar equipment for cruisers. Whited said the cameras will cut down on time spent in court. The radio equipment is needed in each cruiser because it has to be mounted in the vehicle to work properly.

Whited will get prices on the equipment and report back to the council.

The City Council also approved a policy and procedures manual for the police department.

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