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March 29, 2004

Chief of Police Logan Wood raided another blind tiger and arrested its proprietor. The owner was given 306 days in the workhouse by Judge McDowell and will help Brother Timoney keep the rock crusher going, and the streets clean for the next 12 months.

Dr. John Hunn of Shelby City, a son of the late Dr. George Hunn of that city, has graduated at Louisville Medical College, taking first honors of his class, which entitles him to become an intern in the Louisville City Hospital for one year.

K. Shimedee and Y. Kojima, who have been conducting a Japanese auction store in Lexington for several weeks, will move to Danville within a few days and continue their auction. Capt. T.D. English has been retained as auctioneer. They will occupy the Phillips building, recently made vacant by the removal of J.S. Chrisman.

T.Y. Shaw has purchased the blacksmith shop of Charlie Woford on Walnut Street between Third and Fourth and will take possession on April 1. Shaw is well known after having been in the carriage business for 27 years.


A destructive fire occurred at Gentry and Kenney's Planing Mill. A large brick house in the corner of the lot was burned. It contained 100 tons of hay and other feed stuff and a considerable quantity of cement and lime. The fire started in the cellar, possibly by spontaneous combustion from the water seeping into the cellar coming into contact with unslacked lime stored there.

75 years ago - 1929

The big Rexall one-cent sale at Spoonamore's drug store will continue for three days. The store received an enormous stock of goods that will go on sale in the morning. The buyer is privileged to buy one article for the regular price and a second type of the same article for 1 cent.

Farmers and sheep raisers of Boyle County should turn in a list of dogs in your neighborhood. The Golden Hoof Club of Boyle County, which aims to protect sheep, wants to see that every dog in the county is licensed before the April term of circuit court meets. Having a list of all dogs, so the licensed dogs can be checked off, will help. Only 1,050 dogs have been licensed and there are more than 2,000 dogs in the county. The sheep fund is $2,000 behind.

The Kitchen Cabinet Orchestra of the Broadway School presented "Joy of Life." The play was given under the auspices of the Perryville Woman's Club, and was quite a success. The costumes and outline of the play have been sold to an organization in Arkansas.

50 years ago - 1954

Residents of Danville will cooperate in a week-long, city-county cleanup, announced Mayor W. Terry Griffin. An additional garbage truck will be sent out to pick up items such as planks, old furniture, debris, limbs off trees and fence posts. The mayor requested that children's bicycles, wagons and other toys not intended for the trash collection be gotten out of the way so they are not picked up by mistake.

Mrs. M.C. Sparrow, a sixth-grade teacher at Jennie Rogers Elementary School, was resting comfortably in the hospital after suffering a fall that broke her hip and wrist. The accident happened when a child fell against another, causing the second child to hit Mrs. Sparrow from the rear. She was thrown to the floor and heard or felt her hip snap.

A Danville native has written what may prove to be the funniest novel of the year. Its content is highly personal as far as Danville is concerned. Charles Rice McDowell, the youngest son of Mrs. C.R. McDowell of 145 N. Third St, is a teacher at Washington Lee University. His first novel is "The Iron Baby Angel." Some of the characters are based on Danvillians.

Plans are going ahead for the campaign to raise funds for Centre College's proposed music and arts building and Little Theatre. Centre is lacking in facilities for music, art and drama. The late Miss Emma Weisiger gave $40,000 toward the building, which is a good start toward the proposed $175,000 cost.

The picture of mystery farm No. 10 has been identified as the property of Mrs. Charles W. Caldwell Sr. of Lebanon Road. It is operated by Joe Key. It includes about 540 acres on Lexington Road, not far beyond Green Acres.

A stolen taxi cab was involved in a wreck. The taxi collided with another car, but no one was injured. The cab was taken from Blue Grass Cab Co.'s stand at Second and Main streets.

25 years ago - 1979

Fran Simms, a Boyle County 4-Her, has combined her enjoyment of the outdoors into a bicycling project and her enjoyment of cooking desserts into a foods project. Both project books recently won county and area championships. She is an eighth-grader at Perryville Elementary School and a cheerleader.

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