Tennesseans find niche in central Kentucky as 'The Tree People'


Last spring, Paul Ferrell and Clarence Martin started bringing up trees to sell from Rock Island, Tenn. They rented a lot next to Rankin Mobile Home Parts on U.S. 150 between Danville and Stanford and started selling.

"We just sell trees," says Rita Ferrell, who with Patsy Martin supports their husbands' tree ventures. "People started calling us after that. (Our Kentucky customers) would ask for 'The Tree People.' The name stuck."

Ferrell says the husbands are the real tree people.

"We're the wives," she says. "We're there for moral support. We just help them."

They grow their trees close to home. This spring, they're up from Tennessee off and on during the week. They spend weekends selling their products, and business is good, Ferrell notes.

"You can't beat the prices," she says. "Anybody who buys comes back.

"We know what we're doing. We tell them how to grow them, what to do and what to watch out for."


The two couples started out bringing trees to flea markets.

"We stopped by this one place and said, 'That is a good spot right there.' We rented it for the weekend, and we done so good. People wanted us to come back.

"We like everything about Kentucky," says Ferrell, who was born in the Bluegrass State. "The people are friendly. We come up there as much as we can."

They're only around in the spring, and they sell a variety of trees.

"When we sell so much off the lot, we bring more up there," Ferrell notes. "When it warms up, one or two of us will stay during the week. Sometimes people stop by during the week after work.

"If you pull up in a car, you will leave with a tree."

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