State looking for ways to increase hunting, fishing license sales

March 30, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

The Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources is attempting to increase hunting and fishing licenses this year.

Lonnie Nelson, KDFWR recruitment and retention manager, says a 2003 Responsive Management study found that America's youth said the number one person they preferred to hunt or fish with was their father. The second choice for hunting was a grandfather while the second preference for fishing was a friend. The number three person for hunting was an uncle while for fishing it was the mother.

"The primary group of people with whom we are experiencing loss of license sales is the adult males ages 18 to 35," said Nelson. "But families fishing and hunting together extends into adulthood and young, single adults or married couples that grew up in an outdoor family should enjoy an opportunity to continue that tradition."

Nelson notes that children can also spend time hunting and fishing with their aging parents or grandparents. He also said that when people relocate far from their immediate family, hunting and fishing can be a good way to make new friends.


He also says that if gasoline prices continue to rise, ways to continue fishing and hunting are to stay closer to home or car pool to save expenses.

"The primary message we intend to express when we are meeting this public this year is that family and friends don't let family and friends quit fishing and hunting," Nelson said. "If only 10 percent of our current anglers and hunters will encourage one family member or friends to go with them and buy a license, the individual will strengthen the outdoor circle of potential fishing or hunting partners and helped the department reverse the trend of declining license sales."

Muskie meeting

Persons interested in forming Chapter No. 52 of Muskie, Inc., will meet April 8 from 7-9 p.m. at the Days Inn in Winchester.

Organizers say the main goals of the meeting will be to review and complete plans for establishing a new Kentucky chapter, recruit new Kentucky members and discuss leadership needed. Officers for the new chapter will be elected a a May meeting at the Minor Clark Fish Hatchery in Morehead.

For further information contact Larry Besant at 606-784-3933.

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