Lincoln waits for go-ahead on beach

March 31, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Beach combers and bikini watchers alike could have something to celebrate in the summer as plans for a new Cedar Creek Lake beach progress from proposal to paper.

AGE Engineering has finished preliminary topographic plans for the beach, stretching along the Boone Road side of the lake for 200 feet, running 50 feet wide.

"It will just give the kids a little place to go. Everybody enjoys going to that lake," said Judge-Executive Buckwheat Gilbert.

The beach will be paid for in part by a $75,000 state Department for Local Government grant allocated last year. The county will match the grant partially through labor.


"I could have started construction, but they (state government) told me to wait till I got the grant money," said Gilbert.

The county is also waiting for the state to issue a permit for the beach. The state owns the lake and a 300-foot buffer zone around its banks.

In addition to a beach, Gilbert said a swimming area will be roped off, up to a six-foot depth. Currently the lake is off limits to swimmers.

Six-inch floating piping and buoys warning boaters to keep out will be put in place to separate the swimming area from the main lake. The lake level could be lowered this fall to facilitate cleaning out of timber and debris from the area, said Gilbert.

Plans also include a parking lot, port-a-potties and a handicap access ramp.

Eventally, Cedar Creek lakeside could sport a marina with pontoon boat rentals and possibly a new, privately-owned restaurant, said Gilbert.

"It's something to give people a reason to stay here, and enjoy their summers here," said Gilbert.

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