Best brought millions for Urban Renewal

March 31, 2004

Here is a list of several of the major projects, roughly in order they were undertaken:

* Seventh Street ("Smokey Road"), $1 million. Some 56 houses were removed and replaced with new houses.

* Second Street/Constitution Square State Historic Site, $3 million. This project involved the demolition and replacement of some 65 residential and commercial properties on Second and renovation of several historic buildings at Constitution Square, including Grayson's Tavern, the Goldsmith House and Fisher's Row, and of the McDowell House across the street. In addition, the city's original post office - the first such facility west of the Alleghenies - was moved from West Walnut Street to Constitution Square. The square was deeded to the state, and the Parks Department, under then-commissioner Bruce Montgomery of Danville, built Governor's Circle and walkways.

* Third Street/Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center/Arnold Towers, $800,000. This project involved the removal of a dozen, largely rental properties and doctor's offices and sale of the properties to the hospital for $13,000 for use for future expansion. The second part of the project involved acquisition of land for construction of the six-story, 64-unit Arnold Towers for elderly residents.


* Russell and Grant streets, $2 million. A dozen or so homes were removed and replaced with new houses and a sidewalk was built to Bate-Wood Homes.

* Main Street, $300,000. Old overhead wiring and sidewalks were removed and new sidewalks with handicapped-safe curbs were built and underground wiring was installed. Also, trees were planted and light poles were equipped with outlets for decorative lighting.

* West Danville, $2 million. A new storm drainage system was installed and new housing was constructed.

* Lebanon Road and Smith, Earl, High, Third and Fifth streets, $500,000. This project involved removing numerous substandard homes and replacing them with mainly commercial properties.

* Fairview-Cowan area, $700,000. Several houses and two businesses were reconstructed and a park was added to the neighborhood.

* Dillehay Street area, $3 million. This project involved removing 87 substandard structures and cleaning up other areas around the Boyle County Stockyards, reconstructing Fackler and Fern streets and building a new street, Arnold Avenue.

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