Around Town: Mars science team looking for earth rocks

April 04, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

Hey kids, scientists studying Mars want your rocks.

As part of the explorations by the rovers Spirit and Opportunity, the project's science team is seeking a lot of rocks to use for comparison with the ones being found on Mars. They're asking young people, either individually or as a class project, to help them out.

All the information, including how to prepare the rock and where to send it, is on the Mars exploration Web page:

The rock needs to be in its natural setting when you find it. As the Web site says, "Avoid rocks that are decorative or used in landscaping as they could have come from other regions on Earth."


In other words, they want a rock native to the place where you picked it up, whether in your backyard or on a trip.

Your rocks will be kept in a special collection where scientists from around the world can come to study them.

Salvisa band releases second CD

Royal Blue, a Bluegrass music group from Salvisa, has just completed its second CD "Something Old ... Something New." It will go on sale April 16. Half of the 12 tunes on the disk are original numbers written by band members and friends of the band.

Four members come from Salvisa and two are from Lawrenceburg. Members are Ric Maxfield, Karen Maxfield, Maurice Goodlett, Emma Dell Goodlett and Frank Goodlett.

The band is in the Wall of Stars at the Kentucky Music Museum in Renfro Valley. On New Year's Eve, Royal Blue played the Governor's Mansion where Gov. Ernie Fletcher's guests included Sen. Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, secretary of labor in the Bush administration.

Royal Blue also has performed at Constitution Square Festival here and at the Governor's Derby Day Breakfast in 2002 and 2003.

Garden Club featured in article

The Garden Club of Danville was one of the groups featured in an article, "Caring for Community Green Spaces," that ran in Kentucky Living this month.

The article talks about residents from across the state who make sure gardens and green spaces are maintained.

The Garden Club takes care of the flower bed at the Governor's Circle at Constitution Square state park and across the street maintains the garden of shade-loving plants by the Apothecary Shop at Ephraim McDowell House Museum.

President Virginia Biles said the club has plans to develop a medicinal herb garden at Constitution Square. The property at McDowell House is too shady to let the plants grow there.

Also featured in the issue is Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge in an article about nature preserves.

Montgomery could be in television show

Eddie Montgomery, of Montgomery Gentry country duo fame, could be appearing in a television show.

He has been in Los Angeles filming a pilot for the yet-to-be-named Rodney Carrington show. ABC has expressed interest in the show.

Montgomery is cast as Mike, owner of the Blue Goose Bar where Carrington does his comedy routine.

Random Act of Kindness

A motorist is extremely grateful for the help provided her in the Save-A-Lot parking lot. Her car wouldn't start and she started jiggling the battery cables "without success."

"A very nice gentleman" took care of the problem. "I thanked him and offered to pay, but he wouldn't accept any money from me."

On her next errand, the woman made a turn and something fell off her car. It was a pair of channel locks. "I stopped and picked them up."

However, she has no way to contact the good Samaritan since she didn't get his name.

So if you happen to be that nice gentleman, contact me and your channel locks will soon be yours again.

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