Judge in funeral procession signs warrant on Shelton

April 04, 2004|EMILY BURTON

Friday's arrest warrant on Tanya Shelton, 24, of Lexington, for kidnapping and third-degree burglary charges stems, in part, from the good timing of a funeral and a little luck.

According to Lincoln County Attorney John Hackley, Bowling Green police initially held Shelton on minor charges while the kidnapping warrant was being prepared in Lincoln County, and there was a concern she might be released before being served with the kidnapping warrant.

Many of the authorities empowered to sign arrest warrants in Lincoln County, however, were attending a Stanford funeral.

Hackley said while leaving the funeral services at the church, he saw several police vehicles at the 911 center on Main Street. When he stopped in to see what had happened, he learned an arrest warrant was needed immediately.

Outside of the building, the lengthy funeral procession was passing, and it included the Commonwealth Attorney and several circuit judges.

"I literally intercepted the funeral procession as it was turning by the 911 center to get an arrest warrant," said Hackley. "It just so happened Judge (Jeffrey T.) Burdette, was the first judge I saw."


Judge Burdette has also issued the search warrant for Shelton's person, including blood and urine.

Officials later revealed that a pregnancy test on Shelton had come back negative.

Shelton is scheduled to be arraigned in Lincoln County on Monday. She is currently in an isolation cell at the Lincoln County Regional Jail under a $200,000 bond.

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