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April 05, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

Work on the Central University Carnival and Circus has started and various committees are getting busy. The queen of the carnival will be chosen by the 15th of the month by the men who wear the varsity "C." All those who wear it for football, baseball or track have a right to vote. The queen will be waited upon by maids of honor.

County Judge Prewitt has the distinction of being the only known organizer of a Laughing Club. The members include: Sheriff Samuel McDowell, president; Deputy Sheriff Clarke Harbison, Constable Jake Clem and Master Commissioner Reed S. Nichols. Judge Prewitt has issued a challenge to any four men in the state who think they can out-laugh this quartet of Boyle County officials. He has offered $50 to any four men in the county who can defeat this aggregation at the laughing game.

The Centre College faculty has been called together to take action against several students who have been guilty of disorderly conduct. A keyhole in Professor Chase's classroom door was stopped up with some hard substance and it was necessary to remove the lock before the door could be opened.


While pulling up some wild onions, W.T. Robinson of Faulconer disturbed a puffing adder and almost was bitten. Robinson had gotten off his horse and was on his knees pulling up the weed when he saw the snake lying under it. Robinson was unnerved for several minutes, but gathered his courage and killed it with a club.

M. Kaphan, who had charge of the local office of the Singer Manufacturing Co. for the past three months, has been ordered to report to the head office in Cincinnati. Miss Corinne Davidson of Shelby City has accepted a position with the local office as bookkeeper to succeed Mrs. J.B. Coleman.

75 years ago - 1929

Joseph O. Stagg, president of the Danville Chamber of Commerce, and Mayor W.O. McIntyre discussed plans for marking all points of great historic interest in Boyle County. Among the points to be marked are: the sites of the first courthouse and the first brick courthouse west of the Allegheny Mountains; the homes of Judge Samuel McDowell and James G. Birney; the Ephraim McDowell tomb; the first school for the education of the deaf at the public expense; and the first college west of the Alleghenies, which was Transylvania University.

The motorcade to Charleston, S.C., sponsored by Mayor W.O. McIntyre and the Chamber of Commerce of Danville, has returned home. About 32 people made the trip to cities along the new scenic highway between Danville and the nearest point to the Atlantic Ocean. The party's first overnight was in Middlesboro where they stayed at the Cumberland Hotel. The town had just been flooded but the streets had been cleaned enough to welcome the visitors.

County Attorney Add Lanier said the county spent $50,000 on turnpikes last year. He made his remarks as speaker at the Kiwanis Club luncheon. He deplored the manner in which money is spent for charity and asked the Kiwanis to offer suggestions for caring for these needs. Dr. P.C. Sanders urged the group to consider endowing a bed at one of the state hospitals for charity patients from Boyle County.

A permanent playground committee is being formed. Oliver Kays, president of the Danville Kiwanis Club, will represent that club on the committee. R.P. Guerrant, through the Kiwanis Club, offered a five-acre lot on his land on East Lexington Avenue to be used for supervised play. His lot could be supervised for about $250 a month. A wading pool, drinking fountain, see-saws and swings are needed for the grounds. Other equipment will be added as funds permit.

50 years ago - 1954

A dedication service for the Salvation Army's new brick veneer building at 515 S. Fourth St. will be held. R.P. Guerrant is chairman of the advisory board. A 30-piece band composed of Salvation Army Band members from Louisville and Wilmore will give a concert. Capt. Marian Jones has extended an invitation to the community.

An air educational patrol flight of the Aero Club of Louisville will be made to the Danville airport. The pilots will tour Danville and Herrington Lake. James A. Beazley, executive secretary of the Danville Chamber of Commerce, is on the reception committee. About 30 airplanes are expected to make the trip.

The Danville Junior Chamber of Commerce, which is conducting a campaign to secure $19,500 to purchase a fire engine, is seeking mutual aid agreements between fire departments in the county. Ross G. Kreamer, chairman of the Jaycee committee, is heading the drive. The largest gift to date to the fire truck fund - $300 - was given by Blue Grass Plant Foods. About $3,175 has been given.

Mystery Farm No. 11 was identified as Forest Hill, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Lewis and their two sons. The 139-year-old house was build by Dr. Samuel Nelson, a Presbyterian minister. The residence is a one-story Georgian type, red brick house. It has Paladin windows. The farm includes 210 acres with a half mile of frontage on Lexington Avenue.

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