Why will 4 more years of Bush hurt America?

April 07, 2004

Dear Editor:

In November, after all of us have endured hours of negative campaign ads, biased telephone surveys, and enough doorhangers to comprise a tree, there is a decision to be made. Americans will choose either John Kerry or George W. Bush as commander in chief.

As citizens of this country we should all vote, but unfortunately we do not. Low voter turnout may be a stake in the heart this year for millions of families across the nation, as low voter rates historically favor Republican candidates.

Why will four more years of Bush hurt Americans?

This question is impossible to answer, but one must only take a quick glance at this administration's record to understand why this unknown answer could prove to be a future reference point for millions of American history students.


In four years of office, after persuading the Supreme Court to ignore thousands of minority votes and stealing the White House, the Bush team has achieved many things.

They have enacted a classified energy policy designed by the experts at Enron.

They have kept the red ink producers in business (especially after the Clinton years).

They have persuaded the American people into thinking plastic on the windows and more metal detectors and underpaid security guards in airports protects us from terrorism.

They have broken down the barrier between church and state by offering faith-based organizations money over unbiased groups and multiple uses of the phrase "evil-doer."

They have managed to spark a unilateral war focused on finding weapons of mass destruction.

They have successfully changed the focus from nonexistent WMDs to unachieveable Iraqi liberation. (We would not want Iraqis designing our government, what makes Bush thinks we can and should design theirs.)

They have quietly danced around the fact that Halliburton received billions of dollars in Iraqi reconstruction contracts even though Vice President Dick Cheney once headed the energy giant. (Name one executive who leaves without a stock plan)

And finally, as if this list of accomplishments is not enough, the Bush administration has scheduled the Republican National Convention to take place in New York during the second week of Spetember, even though the September 11th coordinator, unlike non-aggressive Saddam, is yet to be captured.

Oh well, maybe if the Bush family was not dependent on the Saudi royal family and the bin Laden family the world would be different.

Daniel Fulton


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