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April 11, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

The young ladies of the community have taken the college carnival in hand and assured its success. They will run a booth that will sell kinds of college merchandise - caps, sofa pillows, pictures, posters and many little things that make a student's room attractive.

An architect who built the new Masonic Temple Theatre in Louisville is in Danville making plans with the Weisiger brothers for a new building. It will be built on the vacant lot adjoining the Clemens House.

A tarantula that is supposed to originally come from the West Indies was discovered in a bunch of bananas at Durham and Cecil's store. Fisher Gaines, one of the clerks, made the discovery. The venomous spider jumped on Gaines' hand and was preparing to insert its deadly fangs into the flesh. Gaines was overcome with fright but knocked the spider off. He and the other clerks captured the insect and it is lodged safely in a large candy jar and on exhibit at the grocery.


While cleaning a piece of brass work at her home, Mrs. Robert Harding was burned when some gasoline she was using ignited. He left hand and part of her arm are burned.

Mrs. Cabell Breckinridge signed a contract for J.E. Harris to build a two-story frame dwelling on East Lexington Street next to the property of county clerk Nichols. Work will begin at once.

Cpl. Ulysses Raines, who has been discharged from the 15th U.S. Cavalry, came to Danville from Fort Ethan Allen in Vermont. His home is in Garrard County near Bryantsville. Raines enlisted three years ago and has been in the Philippines since that time. He had many thrilling adventures.

75 years ago - 1929

The Kentucky Beauty Pageant and the newspaper are cooperating to hold a contest in Danville. The contest will be held at Stout's Dance Pavilion and Theatre, and a dance will be held at which the winner is announced. Every unmarried girl between the ages of 16 and 25 who is a Boyle County resident is allowed to enter. The winner will receive a cup and crown and all-expense paid trip to Louisville, where she will compete with girls from other towns for the title of Miss Kentucky.

Old Centre, the building on the college campus in which the early classes were held, is being renovated. The work is made possible by Sen. T. Coleman du Pont and Sen. Richard P. Ernst. Each contributed $5,000 and a group of friends made up the remaining $5,000 needed for the work. It is expected that other gifts will be made in memory of distinguished alumni who had their classes in the old building. Renovation to the 100-year-old building includes installing steam heat and putting on a new roof. The building's interior will be redecorated. A modern dining hall will be placed on the ground floor and students' game rooms and offices will be on the second floor. The building is intended to become the center of student life.

The girls and boys basketball teams of Moreland High School were given a banquet in the large gymnasium at Moreland. Professor William F. Russell, a graduate of Centre College, is principal of the school and also basketball coach. He had some successful teams. The girls won 23 out of 26 games and were the district and regional champions. They went to the state tournament at Lexington, where they lost to the famous Oddville girls. The boys won 23 out of 29 games played and were district champions in the B class.

50 years ago - 1954

The annual Easter Egg Hunt for children in the community will be held on the Centre College lawns. The hunt is for ages 5 to 12, announced Robert Haux, superintendent of the Danville Recreation Department, which is sponsoring the event. He will be assisted by his wife and Mrs. Otis Tucker of Boone Trail.

At least 25 registered voters signed a petition being circulated to have Boyle County declared a fire protection district. They signed after the Danville Junior Chamber of Commerce used a car to demonstrate a point about the lack of fire protection. The car was equipped with a garden hose and small buckets. Ross Kreamer Jr. of Caldwell Manor owns the car. A sign said, "Don't laugh. This is more fire truck than Boyle has now."

Hospital bills, water bills and a road for the recreation area, street light safety and other items came before a busy session of the city council. The council voted on a compromise measure on paying hospital bills on welfare cases. The city will pay bills until the end of the fiscal year with the bills not to exceed $50 each month. The city is far above the $2,400 budget set up for this expense.

A car driven by a teenager crashed through the plate glass window of the Western Auto store on Main Street in Stanford. The girl wanted to learn to drive and took the wheel over the protests of her male teenager friend. She started the car and it took off in reverse, whizzed across Main Street and crashed into the store. The building is owned by Mrs. W.O. Martin of Stanford and operated by E.A. Lay.

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