Net Xpress: Argali offers phone book online

April 11, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

Telephone directories can be most helpful when trying to locate old friends or relatives. They can even come in handy when you are in search of something in your everyday lives, such as when you need to find a doctor or lawyer. The Web makes access to telephone directories even better and it can help save you loads of time, too.

Argali White & Yellow hails itself as "the most complete and reliable search of telephone and e-mail directories on the Internet." Unlike most of the phone directories one might find online, Argali White & Yellow is a downloadable directory. The download size is just under 6 MB. One convenient feature of the directory is that it goes out and searches all of the other online directories for you. Then it displays the results it finds in a nice little organized fashion.

Among the searches available with Argali White & Yellow, one can search for people and business phone numbers and perform reverse lookups for both phone and address. Users also can search for toll-free numbers, e-mail addresses, maps, area codes, zip codes and weather conditions and forecasts.


System requirements to run Argali White & Yellow include Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Pentium II 150Mhz or faster processor, 32MB or more of RAM, monitor screen resolution of 800x600 or higher, Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, and Internet access.

Argali White & Yellow is a free directory because it is supported by advertising. However, a subscription-based product is available for $29.95 per year without ads. Learn more about Argali White & Yellow, or to download a copy, at

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Net buzzz

* A buffer overflow flaw was discovered recently in the RealPlayer. The flaw affects RealPlayer 8, RealOne Player, RealOne Player v2 for Windows only, the English RealPlayer 10 Beta and all versions of RealPlayer Enterprise. Learn more

Sites to see

* For a cool, fun and educational tool to help you see how zip codes can be pinpointed in the U.S., visit the zip decode tool created by Ben Fry. As you type a zip code, the U.S. map will highlight and narrow the area down till the final number is typed in. It will then present you with the city and state of the zip code that you typed in. The tool is done in Java, so be sure to refresh your browser after each search.

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