Millennium Park egg hunt hatches great egg-spectations

April 12, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Forget the baskets. Those wimpy things couldn't hold all the eggs there were to hunt in the 8-year-old division of the Danville-Boyle County Parks and Recreation Easter egg hunt Saturday.

Kids took to stuffing their sweatshirt pockets and scooping eggs into their T-shirts. Joseph Muth, 7, used his mom's purse to store the overflow. Heather Muth had to run back to the van to get two plastic shopping bags.

"I didn't have a strategy," Joseph Muth said, as he emptied his catch.

Each egg had a plastic toy, piece of candy or sticker inside. Four had prize tickets inside for a giant basket stuffed with toys and covered in cellophane.

"I think all my eggs are prize eggs," Joseph Muth said, obviously pleased with the brightly-colored mound he collected.

Centre College students and the Interfraternity Council came to help with the face painting, a coloring contest and the hunt.

Logan Coppage, 7, said he thought the trick to finding the most eggs was to run fast.


Literally thousands of eggs were scattered on the baseball fields in Millennium Park. Fraternity brothers were on the fields to referee and help the kids.

"I think I saw a few plain-clothed detectives in the crowd," John Drake, parks and recreation director, said as a jovial warning to parents that might be too helpful.

Danville Police Sgt. Tony Gray was off-duty and attended with his kids. It could be said that he went a tad, ahem, undercover, when he and his daughter, Megan, 5, got matching bunnies painted on their cheeks.

Megan said she wasn't sure whether the Easter Bunny would come to see her or not.

But it is a well-known fact that the bunny was out Saturday night in Danville laying treats inside all the nests left for her. Megan Gray included.

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