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April 13, 2004

Boyle County Conservation District

Boyle County Tire Amnesty Days will be held from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday at the state highway garage off Stewarts Lane. If you have questions or if you have a large quantity of tires, call Donna Fechter at (859) 238-1116.

Boyle County is equipped to handle other solid waste items. Use the four convenience centers throughout the county as you go about your spring cleaning.

Mercer County will have Tire Amnesty Days April 22-24. Call (859) 734-4754 for information.

Natural Resources Conservation Service

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service is accepting applications for the Grassland Reserve Program. Landowners may apply at any time; however, applications received by April 30 will be considered for the 2004 program year. Applications received after April 30 will be held until the next evaluation period.


The voluntary program helps landowners and operators restore and protect grasslands, while maintaining the areas as grazing lands.

The program places heavy emphasis on protecting grasslands under the greatest threat of conversion. Conversion issues include the loss of grassland to urban land, cropland, or grassland being loss to invasive species.

There are no maximum limitations on the amount of land that may be offered for GRP. However, landowners with eligible land must submit a minimum of 40 contiguous acres to be considered, according to the provisions of the law.

Interested landowners are encouraged to visit their local NRCS office and review the application and ranking criteria. For more information, visit the Web site at

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