Police shoot, kill suspect after Lincoln County standoff

April 13, 2004

STANFORD - Police shot and killed a Lincoln County man Tuesday morning after a five-hour standoff.

State police said they fired when Jimmy Dale Blakey, 29, exited his house and began walking toward a residential area with a firearm.

Kentucky State Police Sgt. Phil Crumpton said Blakey was driving a stolen car Monday at about 10 p.m. EDT when a Lincoln County Sheriff's deputy began chasing the man. During the pursuit, the man brandished a firearm, Crumpton said.

Blakey temporarily eluded police, but they later found him at his residence in northern Lincoln County. At about 4:40 a.m., police said they realized Blakey had barricaded himself in the residence, Crumpton said.


The state police's special response team tried to negotiate with Blakey and convince him to surrender, Crumpton said.

Blakey exited the house about 9:40 a.m. with a firearm, Crumpton said, and police tried unsuccessfully to subdue him with non-lethal force.

"That did not work," Crumpton said. "The suspect continued toward a residential area. At that point, the security of the residents was in question, so police fired on him."

Blakey was taken to a Danville hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Crumpton said.

Blakey had evaded the sheriff's office during a chase which began on Harris Creek Road, said Kentucky State Police spokesman Chris Lanham. Blakey was in a vehicle that had been reported stolen.

Lanham said Blakey drove the vehicle into a field and got stuck in the mud, then fled on foot. The deputy in pursuit lost him; but at 4 a.m., a caller to 911 reported seeing Blakey at the Bowen Road trailer and the state police, also investigating the stolen vehicle, were summoned.

The immediate area was evacuated and access to Bowen Road was blocked at U.S. 127, just south of the Boyle County line. A perimeter was set up, and a Special Response Team positioned around the trailer.

Jeremy Boyle, 28, a resident of U.S. 127, was at the scene and said it was his vehicle that was stolen. He said he also found his residence ransacked Sunday. Missing also were two handguns, he said.

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