Liberty OKs police equipment purchase

April 15, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Local police officers will be better equipped after action Tuesday by the City Council.

The council voted to spend more than $18,000 for radar units and video cameras for cruisers, three Tazer guns and a handgun.

Police Chief Ron Whited made the request for the equipment in an earlier meeting and compiled a list of costs of each item.

The Tazer guns are used to stun a person in a life threatening situation. Whited said.

The Kentucky League of Cities recommend that cities have Tazer guns and in-car video cameras, the chief said.

The video cameras will be in cruisers and can film when police stop a suspect or speeder.

Whited said the cameras can save time for officers in court appearances and help with police complaints.

"We can write more citations if we had radar," he said. He said the radar equipment is needed for each cruiser to help stop speeders especially on the bypass, and Hustonville and Middleburg streets.


The old hand-held radars are not working properly, Whited said.

In an unrelated matter, Mayor Steve Sweeney said applications for a school resource officer were taken, but more applications are needed before someone is hired.

The city and Casey County Board of Education are teaming up to hire an experienced police officer to patrol the middle and high schools.

When school is not in session, the officer will become part of the city police department.

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