Liberty approves donation for fire safety house

April 15, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - The City Council will help fund a project that will educate people about fire safety. The council voted Tuesday to donate $5,000 toward the purchase of a $30,000 fire safety educational mobile unit that can be used as a teaching tool for the entire county.

Donald Wilson, chief of the Liberty Volunteer Fire Department, who made the request, said the unit can be used to help educate children and adults on how to get out of a house if there is a fire. The two-story unit will demonstrate how to exit a burning structure. He said school parent-teacher groups like the fire safety unit to be shown in schools. It will be available at fairs and festivals.

Wilson said Georgetown firefighters will bring their safety house to town so people can see what it is like.

"We've had so many people who have lost their lives," said Wilson. A child died earlier this year in a Casey County trailer fire.


"I've lost one child in a fire and mine was educated." He said his son was a trained firefighter and knew about fire safety, but lost his life a few years ago in a house fire. The mobile unit is handicapped accessible and has a television screen on the outside that allows parents to watch their children's reaction while going through the safety house.

Besides fire safety, vibration that appears like a tornado or earthquake will be demonstrated.

"They try to put everything in the unit to show kids how to protect themselves and get out of a burning structure or away from a storm," Wilson said. Fifteen children can go into the house at one time.

Wilson said each volunteer fire department in the county will use the safety house in their district to demonstrate fire safety.

"We want to educate people so we won't lose anyone else in a fire," said Wilson.

He said the safety house can be made to specifications from the fire departments and may be cheaper than $30,000. He also said Fiscal Court and the school system will be asked to donate $5,000 toward the purchase. Some businesses also have offered to help with finances.

He also said personnel will be trained to help with demonstrations that will continue all year long and a board will oversee the operation.

"If it saves one life, it will be worth it," Wilson said.

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