What are America's freedoms worth?

April 16, 2004

Dear Editor:

A recent letter by Brian Cooney compares our investment in the Iraq War to a bad financial investment. This comparison is so absurd it does make one wonder where the writer's priorities lie.

What price do we put on freedom? Was World War II a bad investment? Would it have been cheaper and better if we had allowed the Germans and Japanese to divide our country at the Mississippi River? What is our freedom of religion worth? It would be much cheaper in terms of money and blood to just close all of our churches, with the exception of Islamic mosques, of course. That is their ultimate goal, you know, to destroy our Western culture and our religious freedoms.

What is our freedom of the press worth? In which Islamic country would we be allowed to publicly defame the head of state, call him a liar and incompetent and ask for his impeachment. What is our freedom to choose our leaders worth? I could go on and on.


There is no negotiating with these terrorists. They are determined to destroy us and they don't care how they do it, or whom they kill or how they kill. Have you ever been in combat Mr. Cooney? When in combat, I want the enemy soldier to be just as interested in staying alive as I am. These terrorists have no fear of death; they look forward to it. The only way to fight them is to make them happy and kill them.

It was ideas like yours, Mr. Cooney, that caused the Vietnam War to last several years too long and resulted in more than 50,000 killed and several hundred thousand wounded. The enemy saw the protesters and said, "Just hang on, we can't win on the battlefield but we will win in the liberal press and on the college campuses." They were right.

I get more than a little tired of President Bush being accused of misleading the American people on the Iraq War. Congress had the same intelligence and they approved. For eight years, the former administration had the same intelligence, along with the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the USS Cole, and our embassies and did nothing. Perhaps they could have prevented the events of 9-11 had they taken action earlier.

Gil Russell


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