Mystery dinner theater is Saturday


The rolling hills of horse country are at the heart of this year's mystery dinner theater, titled "The Keeneland Puzzle," Saturday at Two Roads Cafe.

Presented by Danville/Boyle County/KSD Community Education and West T. Hill Community Theatre, "The Keeneland Puzzle" was written by H.F. Smith Jr. It has as its victim Emma, a widow in her early 40s, who is found dead early one morning by Dr. Sidney Stone. She is found in the stall of her horse, Go Man.

Her death seems to be the result of a blow to the head, as the forehead and cheekbone on the left side of her face are crushed. Her broken watch stopped at 8:03 p.m. the previous day.

Attendees will be given the above situation as well as an introduction to the eight characters who are the suspects in the death of the victim. The evening is hosted by Chuck Keiser, Evie Smith and Karen L. Logue, managing director for West T. Hill Community Theater. The hosts give out clues during the event.


Roger Trent, public health director for the Boyle County Health Department, attended last year's event with his wife and some friends.

"We thought it would be something interesting to do," says Trent, adding his wife figured out "whodunit" during the evening. "Our expectations were that we would be entertained and enjoy ourselves, both as part of the scenario as well as with the meal. And both were excellent."

They would attend again this year if they weren't going out of town, he adds.

Logue says WTHCT got involved with the mystery dinner theater last year at the request of Kathy Belcher of community education.

"It has been advantageous for both groups, I think ... It is a different form of staging that gives our players a diverse change and can also be used as a teaching tool," said Logue.

"It brings to life and puts faces on the already well-defined characters written into Mr. Smith's stories. I then adapt a couple of short skits based on the story, clues that are given throughout the evening, and the solution, all set forth in the packet written by Mr. Smith. WTHCT then performs these skits throughout the evening and it just makes everything so much more colorful and dimensional."

Logue says the performers rehearse and come up with costumes appropriate for the story line.

"It is a lot of fun and somewhat of a challenge to perform in close quarters, but well worth the effort," she notes. "It's a fun evening all the way around and, of course, we get to enjoy an incredible meal served up by Two Roads Cafe."

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