Net Xpress: The name may change, but Linux still offers a quality desktop

April 19, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

LindowsOS, a desktop Linux operating system, has had its ups and downs. Most of the downs were due to the operating system's name. It has one letter different from the other operating system that has dominated the desktop for decades, Windows. This caused a huge battle between these two companies, which still is brewing to this day.

After losing several important battles to LindowsOS here in the states, Microsoft made a full-on attack of the OS overseas by suing in foreign countries. While never plans to back down from its enormous battle with the desktop giant, it have decided to make some changes. The changes aren't due to fear - they are mainly for the benefit of consumers abroad and for the company itself, to allow it to continue onward with its business with much less turmoil.

The biggest change is that has decided to give its product, LindowsOS, a brand new name: Linspire. With the name change, the company hopes to defuse these senseless lawsuits that Microsoft has filed. In addition, the company now should be able to continue to sell its products internationally without fear of being sued.


One note to mention is the fact that the company can still refer to its product and corporate name as Lindows in the U.S., but abroad, it will be known as Linspire.

Another change will be the name of its domain. As of Wednesday, it now will be known as The company's corporate information will be available at a new site,

Previous users still will have access to all the features they had access to before, with the only difference being a name change. Hopefully the name change will let this company move forward. It has a good, solid product, and I, for one, am all for having a choice on the desktop.

Free stuff

A special promotion will run for only a few days, where anyone can receive a free copy of Linspire - a $49.95 value. The promotion, however, comes with two little catches. First, you have to use a special coupon code. Click on $49.95 Linspire 4.5 OS from the order page at Click on "Apply Coupon" and then enter the coupon code.

The catch is that you have to guess the one-word code. Here's a little hint: "It is what it used to be called." The second catch is that the download only will be made available from the BitTorrent P2P system, which means you have to download the product.

Sorry to all of you dial-up folks because it's a huge file to download, with a size of 521.86MB. Before trying to acquire this free copy of Linspire, I would suggest that you first download the BitTorrent software at BitTorrent runs on systems running Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Also, you will need to register on the site. Registration is free and it's needed for future access to your Linspire products and the CNR Warehouse.

Net buzzz

* The second annual Desktop Linux Summit will take place Thursday and Friday in Del Mar, Calif. The event will features speakers, exhibits and a whole lot of Linux fun. Read more at

Microsoft patch alert

Five security patches have been released for Microsoft operating systems. The April security patches were released to fix about 20 flaws that could allow access to Windows systems. Read more.

Or, go straight to Microsoft's Windows Update site.

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