Four years of Bush is more than enough

April 19, 2004

Dear Editor:

The political season is upon us. In November, we, the people, will decide who we want to lead us for the next four years: George W. Bush or John F. Kerry. Whom I will vote for has already been decided. Two major events decided for me. The first event was when the U.S. Supreme Court appointed Mr. Bush as president. The second was the senseless, insane invasion of Iraq by Mr. Bush.

Some 670 U.S. troops have given their precious lives in Iraq for a bunch of people who do not want us there, who refer to the U.S. as the "Great Satan." And Mr. Bush is foolish to ever think that he or anyone else can force westernized democracy upon them. About 90 percent of the Muslim world hates us and our way of life. They consider us "infidels."

Mr. Bush now has us engaged in a war that will have no end and cannot be won. In my opinion, Saddam and all of Iraq is not worth one single drop of American blood. Not one. This dirty little Bush war of revenge is also costing you and me $4 billion a month.


We keep hearing how the economy is improving. My question is, for whom and where? Everything is on the rise, from natural gas to gasoline to food, and I know lots of folks who continue to look for jobs.

Mr. Bush does not know the meaning of the word, diplomacy. Not only has he divided our own people here, but he also has most of the world inflamed at us. I see no leadership ability in Mr. Bush whatsoever. His so-called "coalition" is the most anemic coalition in our history. No real powers, save England, back us. We are not safer because of the Iraq War. We are weaker, I believe. Lives are being lost, our resources drained and the war drags on, now into its second year.

It will be an honor for me to vote for Kerry. Four years of George W. Bush is more than enough.

Roger D. Bowman


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