Hospital's auxiliary highlighted during volunteer week

April 20, 2004

During a brief stay in Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, Gail Louis realized just how many people are involved in providing care to patients and visitors. She was so pleased with the excellent care she received that she realized there was an opportunity for her to be involved in providing such a meaningful service while also giving back to the hospital.

As a result of that experience, Louis joined the auxiliary at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center. That was in 1981, and today Louis is still a member of the auxiliary as well as the current president.

"Volunteering means that I'm a part of something that is a tremendous part of the community," Louis said. "Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center is the heart of a large part of so many people's lives in this area. Being in the auxiliary means that I'm involved and I'm helping."

This week is National Volunteer Week.


Members of the Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center Auxiliary volunteer their time and talents to the hospital, helping to enhance the services provided to patients and visitors.

"The volunteers provide a great service to the Medical Center through their interaction with patients and family members, as well as their financial support for hospital equipment and services," said Barry Michael, president of the Medical Center. "We are truly fortunate to have this dedicated group of people who support our organization."

Members donated more than 12,500 hours

During 2003, the Auxiliary's members donated more than 12,500 hours of their time in support of the Medical Center. Assuming that a volunteer's time is worth $17.10 per hour, that is an investment of nearly $214,000.

"The Auxiliary members are to be commended for the time they volunteer to Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center," said Linda Tillman, director of volunteer services and senior programs at Ephraim McDowell Health. "Their volunteer efforts are a great support to the Medical Center as well as to the entire community."

During her years as an auxiliary member, Louis has been involved in many of the service areas that the auxiliary provides. Years ago, when surgery patients were admitted to the hospital the night before their operation, she assisted them during admission and helped them settle into their room. She also has worked the reception desk at the Medical Center and gift shop.

Membership in the Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center Auxiliary is open to anyone who has time to volunteer. There is no minimum time required for volunteering. Individuals may also support the auxiliary with a membership even if they don't have time to participate in one of the group's service projects. Dues are $4 per year for active membership and $5 annually for associate membership.

Individuals who want to become a member of the auxiliary are asked to contact Tillman at (859)239-1208 or toll free at (800)686-4121, extension 1208. She can also be contacted via email at

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