Agencies request $643,886 from Danville

April 21, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

As Danville City Commissioners considered $643,886 in requests from local nonprofit agencies Tuesday, the city manager warned that funding could be tight for the 2004-2005 budget year.

The largest amount requested was $60,000 for senior adult programs. In the last available accounting of funds, from the 2002-2003 year, the Gathering Place spent the city's money on salaries.

The smallest request, $450, came from the Human Rights Committee, an organization that investigates when residents complain that they were fired based on discrimination.

Commissioners' questions of the nonprofits concentrated on whether there is a duplication of services, and whether organizations use city money to pay for services that go to county residents, who don't pay city taxes.


Commissioner Chester Kavanaugh expressed concern that several organizations provide after-school programs and wants them to consolidate programs.

Commissioner Terry Crowley wants to make sure city tax dollars are spent on city residents.

In a 2003-2004 report, the YMCA showed that it spent $250 on a Perryville afterschool program.

Crowley also wants the city to be careful about getting involved in paying for educational programs because that is not the primary purpose of the city.

In an emotional plea to the commissioners, the YWCA Spouse Abuse had two women, who were relocated to Danville, talk about how the program has affected their lives, helping them to get jobs and live independently. The organization's city funding was cut from $10,000 to $3,000 last year. It requested $5,000 this year.

When Police Chief Jeff Peek asked for $500 to fund a military appreciation parade, commissioners applauded his speech about respecting the military and thanking veterans for their protection of the country.

New requests also came from Community Wide Diversity, an organization that wants to bring in two surviving daughters of the Rev. Oliver Brown, who was the lead plaintiff in the Brown vs. Board of Education case that ended school segregation.

The city will begin its budget process with a public workshop at 8 a.m. Tuesday at city hall. Commissioners will review the budgets of city departments and those it funds jointly with Boyle County Fiscal Court, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Parks and Recreation.

They will also hear a financial overview and budget projection prepared by City Manager Darrell Blenniss, who has already said that he expects money will be tight.

Here are the requests

Here are the other organizations and funding requests:

* Airport Board, $20,000.

* Bridges afterschool program, $45,350.

* Chamber of Commerce, $3,000.

* Civil Air Patrol, $3,000.

* Community Development Council, $17,000.

* Community Education, $8,000.

* Conservation District, $2,500.

* Constitution Square, $3,750.

* Court Appointed Special Advocate, $5,000.

* County Fair, $10,000.

* Family Services, $12,000.

* Great American Brass Band Festival, $35,000.

* Heart of Danville, $50,000.

* Heritage Festival, $500.

* Humane Society, $30,000.

* Literacy Council, $6,000.

* McDowell House and Apothecary Shop, $11,500.

* Nursing Home Ombudsman, $5,000.

* West T. Hill Theatre, $20,000.

* Wilderness Trace, $20,000.

* YMCA, $3,000.

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