Juvenile sought in Boyle burglaries

April 22, 2004|EMILY BURTON

JUNCTION CITY - The Boyle County Sheriff's Department continued to search for a juvenile today, three days after he disappeared and one day after he allegedly broke into two Junction City homes with his girlfriend.

The juvenile was picked up Monday by Deputy Sheriff Jim Wilcher after allegedly disobeying a court order to abide by the house rules of his guardian.

After being gone all weekend, the juvenile returned in time for school Monday morning, where Wilcher said he was picked up. The juvenile was waiting in the sheriff's office for transportation to the juvenile detention center in London when he spooked and ran from the office, said Wilcher.

Wednesday morning, Wilcher patrolled the west end of Junction City, looking for the juvenile.

"It appears right now that he and his girlfriend have broken into a couple houses here in Junction," including one on Cemetery Street, said Wilcher.


The female suspect was caught Wednesday morning by her brother as the pair allegedly broke into his home. Her brother detained her until police could arrive, said Wilcher, though he did not press charges against his sister.

Cases involving juveniles growing in number

This case now joins the host of others involving juveniles in the county. It is an epidemic that "is getting out of hand," said Wilcher.

"We're wearing our cars out driving these kids to jail," said Wilcher of the 106-mile round trip to the London detention center. "And it doesn't seem to be getting any easier."

Wilcher said he is currently sitting on pickup orders for several juveniles, some of whom had run off and been gone for months. They stay whereever they can, sometimes with boyfriends or girlfriends.

When caught, they have to be transported several times for court, said Wilcher, running up the gas bill while wearing out the tires.

The most recent runaway was last seen on the west end of Junction City. He is a white male with light-colored hair and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and gray sweat pants.

He is expected to be charged with escaping, said Wilcher.

Anyone with information about this or another runaway can call the Boyle County Sheriff's Department at (859) 238-1123.|

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