Comments reveal how divided the country is

April 22, 2004

Dear Editor:

Mr. Gil Russell's comments in the April 16 edition of the Advocate brought to mind just how divided the country is.

Mr. Russell asked, "What price do we put on religious freedoms." Well, Mr. Russell, I think that the religious right has done real well lately. They clearly do not have respect for anyone who has a different opinion or view than theirs. Perhaps the religious right will want everyone to practice one religion. Is this what is next in the United States? Will there be a public outcry because Baptists and Methodists differ from Catholics? Will they all turn on the Episcopalians? Religious groups should have no say in the government.

While I am proud to say I am a Christian and thank God every day for his many blessings, I don't force my beliefs on anyone and don't want someone else quoting the Bible to me. Jesus said, "Judge not less ye be judged." I think I'll let God do the judging.


Mr. Russell also said he was "more than a little tired of the many accusations about president Bush and Iraq." Well, Mr. Russell, it was President Bush who went before the nation and said that the reason to go to Iraq was to eliminate the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq had. After more than a year in Iraq and about 700 of our troops killed and many more wounded, we have no WMDs shown to the American public. We have a president who has no domestic policy for this country and a foreign policy that clearly has failed.

Mr. Russell also asked about freedom of the press. Well, Mr. Russell, how about freedom of speech? The Bush administration has no problem saying what can and can't be said on public radio. Surely if one is offended about something said, turn the dial. That's all you have to do. Education begins in the home. Good morals and respect for people, even if they differ from you, begin in the home, and sad to say, that is what is lacking in our country.

America can do better, and we deserve better.

Ken Griffin


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