County looking at big funding cuts

April 25, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

When Boyle County Judge-Executive Tony Wilder took office in 1993, he said he promised himself the county surplus would never dip below $1.5 million. At the end of the 2004 -2005 budget year, he suspects it will be $400,000.

He presented his budget to magistrates Friday, and it contained a lot of grim news for county departments and local nonprofit and quasi-governmental agencies, such as the Airport Board. He cut funding of most of the agencies in half. The only capital road project budgeted is widening North Buster Pike. Cuts in transportation funds have scaled back projects.

"I've had a tendency to cry wolf in the past; this year looks like it will be it," Wilder said.

Magistrates will work on the budget over the next several weeks with individual departments. County staff estimated that revenue will remain at the $3.7 million mark; it has remained flat for the last five years.


Transfers to county departments, with the single largest amounts going to the jail, have forced the county to dip into the surplus.

Wilder warned magistrates that the cuts to local nonprofits could be hard for them politically.

"I'll tell you that you're going to hear from people," Wilder said.

The cuts to agency funding represented $100,000 in savings. Wilder started the cuts with the amount the county funded last year - not this year's requested amount, $825,073, which was $176,573 more than was given last year.

Wilder didn't cut the requested amount for senior citizens. Here are the agencies which made requests, and the amounts Wilder recommended magistrates appropriate:

* Civil Air Patrol, $1,500.

* County Fair Board, $0.

* Brass Band Festival, $5,000.

* Comprehensive Care, $2,000.

* YWCA Spouse Abuse, $1,125.

* Heart of Danville, $2,500.

* Child Development Center $15,000.

* Family Services, $15,000.

* Nursing Home Ombudsman, $1,125.

* Community Action, $2,000.

* Human Rights, $0.

* Historical Society, $250.

* Perryville Celebration, $500.

* YMCA, $1,350.

* Constitution Square Festival, $750.

* Literacy Council, $2,250.

* Perryville Enhancement, $3,000.

* CASA, $0.

* Community Education, $2,250.

* Citizens Concerned for Human Relations, $250.

* County-Wide Diversity Activity, the Brown versus Board of Education event, $0.

* Arts Commission, $1,800.

* Danville-Boyle County Humane Society, $20,000.

* Airport Board, $14,400.

* Soil Conservation, $17,700.

* Planning and Zoning, $43,000.

* Parks and Recreation, $140,000.

* Community Development Council, $10,000.

The total amount budgeted is $550,900.

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