Versatility pays off for Boyle's Lammy

April 25, 2004|JILL ERWIN

HARRODSBURG - If one were looking for the most versatile runner on the Boyle County girls track team, one would do well to throw a glance in Sarah Lammy's direction. She showed why at the Heart of the Bluegrass meet Saturday.

The junior ran on all four relays last year, reaching the state meet in two. This year, she's happily given up her spot in the 400-meter relay to join Kathryn Bayless in the 800 run.

But the versatility that allows her to compete in the 800, 1,600 and 3,200 relays is her badge of honor.

"I go anywhere," Lammy said. "Last year, we had so many hurt girls that I was in all four relays. It made me feel special that I could be in all those different events."

Boyle assistant coach Joni Morgan refers to Lammy as the team's "utility" runner. Lammy may take pride in that title, but she also longs to have an event to call her own.


"I really enjoy being able to do a lot of things, but I've always wanted to have one big event," Lammy said. "I've always loved the 800. I always wanted to do the open 800, but there were always so many girls that were a little bit better.

"I love the competition. It's a big race, there's a lot more people and you can take more down at once."

She set a personal best

She's getting her chance now, and she's making the most of it. Lammy set a personal best with a time of 2:32.63, just .43 seconds behind Bayless. She bested her previous best time by eight seconds, and said Saturday's performance may make her reevaluate her goals for the season.

"I thought my goal would be to run a 2:26, but I think I can get that. I may need to lower it a little bit," Lammy said. "I want to qualify for state. I've been to state, but it's always been with relays."

"She's come on as an 800 person," Boyle coach Dave Garrett said. "She did a great job today. I really feel good about her 800 effort. It's coming along."

While she loves the 800, she also said she enjoys the teamwork aspect of the relays.

The pressure to do your best to help the other members of the relay team pushes her to new heights.

"You don't want to let the other people down," Lammy said. "My times are always better on the relays, because you don't want to let the other three girls down."

Her fifth year on the team

This is Lammy's fifth year on the Boyle team, and she said she wouldn't trade it for anything. The atmosphere and attitude on the team make everything better.

Lammy said that while running is in her blood, it's the people that make it special.

"I love everyone that runs. Everyone's so friendly," Lammy said. "I'm pretty good at making friends. I just come out and have fun and meet people from other schools. I've always enjoyed running. I've done road races and things when I was really small, so I've just always had a thing for running."

Garrett has no problem in putting her in any event. He said the key lies in finding spots that are advantageous for both the runner and the team.

"Sarah is the kind of kid you love to have because she can do a lot of things," Lammy said. "You're always trying to give her the best opportunity to help the team and also for her to find that spot that's good for her too. We have her in four different spots that help us. The team is best served, and yet she gets something out of it as well."

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