Casey budget includes $307,000 carryover

April 27, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Casey County Fiscal Court is considering a $4,053,911 budget for the 2004-2005 fiscal year. The Fiscal Court must have the document ready by the third week in May when the budget due in Frankfort.

County Judge-Executive Ronald Wright asked the court last week to look over the budget.

"I think it is a workable budget," he said. The local budget also hinges on the approval of the state budget, he said. "Until we see what the state budget has, we don't know what to do."

Judy Allen, deputy judge-executive, said some adjustments have to be made before the budget is considered again by Fiscal Court.

The budget includes $1.5 million in the general fund, $973,137 in the road fund, $1.4 million in the jail fund, and $10,500 in the local government economic assistance fund.

Money for the general fund comes from $200,000 in real estate tax and $40,000 in motor vehicle tax, $30,000 in sheriff franchise, $425,000 in insurance premium tax, $355,800 in federal grants, $82,000 in the county clerk's excess fees, $120,260 from the state Association of Counties, $15,000 in fiscal court filings, and $20,000 each for rentals and recycle receipts.


The road fund gets $193,954 in truck license tax, $1,443 in driver's license fees, and $861,375 in county road aid. It gets another $20,000 from miscellaneous revenue and interest.

Money for the jail is derived from $36,157 in jail operation allotment, $3,347 in medical allotment, $7,000 in court costs, $30,000 in intercounty prisoner contracts, $448,335 in control intake, $820,000 in housing state Class D felons, and $35,000 from reimbursement from prisoners. The remainder comes from work release, booking and jail fees and parole violators.

The local government assistance money comes from mineral tax and interest.

Most of the 911 money comes from $130,000 in telephone fees and an interlocal agreement of $12,000 plus interest.

The overall budget also includes $307,238 carryover and $185,000 from transfers.

The only major differences in the general fund are $225,000 for the ag center and utilities, which comes from grant funds, and $125,260 for the new judicial center for maintenance, supplies, insurance, repairs and telephone and utilities.

Other expenditures include: judge-executive's office for salaries, expenses and equipment, $137,701; county attorney's office, $69,100 for salaries, rental supplies and other expenses; county clerk, $13,600 for staff and tax preparation; sheriff's department, $22,280 for salaries, storage, gasoline, supplies and other expenses; coroner's office, $14,750 for salaries and expenses; magistrates, $85,800 for salaries, expenses, benefits, training and advertising.

Expenses also include $75,000 for custodians and janitorial services and supplies, repairs and courthouse utilities; $38,700 for election expenses; $18,929 for property valuation administrator; $10,800 for county treasurer salary and bond; $25,931 for Disaster and Emergency Management expenses; $9,900 for dog warden expenses; $51,700 for solid waste coordinator salaries and expenses; $130,800 for solid waste cleanup from PRIDE grant; $48,900 for recycling expenses; $9,600 for medical clinic maintenance; $99,200 for audits, insurance and service dues; and $185,500 for benefits and insurance.

The road department expenditures include $785,180 for salaries, supplies, construction and equipment. Other expenses are $74,957 for salaries; $9,000 for expenses and utilities; and $84,000 for benefits.

Of the $1.4 million for jail operations, $885,996 goes for salaries, lease payments, food, medical services and medication, utilities and clothing; $399,142 is paid on bonds; and $126,500 is for benefits.

The local government economic assistance fund includes $5,000 for economic development and $33,500 for debt services.

The budget also has $229,955 in the juvenile justice fund that goes for general construction.

The $213,090 in the E-911 fund goes for salaries, supplies, telephone and training expenses, utilities and benefits.

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