Still no word on skate park site

April 27, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Local skaters don't want another summer to pass without a skatepark. Danville budgeted the money, $50,000, last year, but City Commissioners haven't agreed on a location.

Commissioners agreed to talk about the site today during budget discussion but weren't able to give any news to a dozen youths who came to speak at Monday's meeting.

They waited through more than an hour-long zoning discussion before being given a chance to talk.

"I just wanted to see something before summer," said Dillion Sirimongkhon. "We keep getting kicked off everywhere."

With no park to skate in, the local athletes resort to sidewalks, parking lots and streets to practice. Dillion's father, Paul, said that it is dangerous and that the kids need somewhere safe to go.

Commissioner Jamey Gay has suggested that Jackson Park's tennis court be used to put in some equipment. Some neighbors around the park have said they don't want it there.


Paul Sirimongkhon pointed to the Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce's magazine that uses plans for the park to promote the city. He asked commissioners to help make the park a reality.

Gay said that the park would draw people from neighboring communities, who would in turn spend money here.

Dillion's mom, Barbie, pleaded with commissioners asking them what the kids and parents had to do to get the park for summertime. She said the kids will raise money or work to build it.

"I don't want to see another summer go by without a park," she said.

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