Skateboard park still being debated

April 28, 2004

Parks and Recreation has a spot for the skatepark - Jackson Park, but at least two Danville City Commissioners said Tuesday they aren't voting for it.

John Drake, parks director, told the commissioners that the skatepark is on a master plan for Jackson Park, along with a BMX section, croquet court, horseshoes, volleyball and lighted softball and baseball fields.

"The neighbors are going to be reluctant," Drake said, adding that if the homeowners survived adult softball there they would be able to live with the skaters.

If the skatepark doesn't go on the tennis court already at Jackson Park it could cost the city twice as much to put down a concrete pad.


Commissioner Terry Crowley said that to put it in Jackson Park would be fiscally responsible.

Mayor John W.D. Bowling and Commissioner Chester Kavanaugh said they wouldn't support that option.

Kavanaugh questioned the extra insurance required for such a park.

Drake said they had used the liability factor to stave off kids who had asked before, but said a new group of youth comes back every three or four years to ask for a park.

"We can't keep telling these kids, 'No,'" Crowley said.

Drake said that the insurance increase would be the same as adding a diving board at the pool.

Commissioners ended the discussion without making a decision.

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