Questions raised about Blakey shooting

April 28, 2004

Dear Editor:

We lost our loved one, Jimmy Blakey, because he made a mistake. How many people haven't? But does that mean they deserve to die?

We have these questions?

First, for The Advocate-Messenger, why did you print all of those bad things about him? Some of them were true, but some were lies. He had been judged and pulled his time. Why judge him again? It's not right, but it looks like nothing in this situation was.

Now to the police officers, did you do your job right? Did you have to shoot him down? Would he have hurt you all? An officer stated that he tried to pull Jimmy over. Jimmy showed him a pistol and drove off. If he wanted to hurt an officer, why warn them? Later, it stated, Jimmy fled on foot. A source had seen him earlier and said he had an injured leg. So why couldn't they have gotten him then?


We have answered the detectives' questions, as they have wanted. Now we need someone to answer ours. Did the officer have to shoot him? Who is the officer? I think we deserve to know.

Carol Griffith

Lincoln County

Editor's note: This letter also was signed by eight other friends and relatives of Jimmy Blakey.|4/29/04|***

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