Terrorists use our freedoms to their advantage

April 28, 2004

Dear Editor:

Due to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights not being more specific, the possibility exists that fanatical, frenzied terrorists may have used our constitution to their advantage.

Our political forefathers have done a prominent injustice that could eventually cause catastrophic consequences.

The Congress in 1776 did need to assert and declare more restrictions to the First Amendment.

Is it possible we could have another civil war in our country?

At this time, the United States military is in the middle of a beehive without protective clothing. These soldiers are being bombarded by cowards in disguise.

Terrorists are using human beings as puppets to carry out suicide bombings.

Has America become much too liberal and civil? Surely, our citizens are tiring of all the grandiose gibberish.

It's time to wake up from slumber.

Barbara Crow



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