4-H program important to Casey student

April 29, 2004

Dear Editor:

What is 4-H to you? What do you think it is for everyone else in our community? I am a Casey County Middle School student. I just heard about the chance that the Casey County District Board would be ending Jan Atwood's position. Ever since I moved to Casey County I have been involved with the 4-H program. It was something that I could do to try to get involved in more activities. Jan was there.

I brought up this issue to my language arts teacher. She said that she thought the 4-H program is great. She said that there was once a movie theater, a bowling alley, and a couple of parks where she spent time when she was a teenager, but they're gone now.

I asked if I could discuss it with my class. She told me the last ten minutes of class were mine. I stood in front of the class and asked who had been in a 4-H program. Every single person raised a hand. Some of the programs that we discussed were 4-H camp, farm safety day, the teen club, shooting sports, reality store, and an art poster competition set up at the apple festival.


On club days at my school, 4-H club was somewhere that you could go and socialize while doing different activities.

The program I enjoyed the most is the garden club. In one of the projects, we went to the adult day-care center where we planned, planted, and created a landscape garden. We each spent time with our assigned adult day-care person. Our assigned buddies helped us plant bulbs and seeds, paint flower planters, picked where we should put the wind chimes, and tended the garden.

Then when I heard that Jan's position would be ending I thought of all the cool things I got to do and the things the kids behind me would not be able to do.

People will keep on raising their hands to Jan's work with 4-H.

Derrick Wheary


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