Teater chooses Mount St. Joseph

April 29, 2004|JILL ERWIN

All Davis Teater wanted was a chance to play both football and baseball. He's getting that chance at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati.

The Danville senior said he heard from several NAIA schools, but in the end, the Division III Cincinnati school is the one for him.

"I've played both for six years now, so it was an important decision. It wasn't something I was looking to change," Teater said. "I told the football coach I played baseball, and he said if I wanted to play both I probably could. They called me and it went from there."

Teater heard about the school after Danville football coach Sam Harp got a letter from the school asking for information on any overlooked seniors, or just ones that were undecided.


Teater took that opportunity and ran with it.

"I went up there, and they recruited me hard," Teater said. "(Football coach Rod Huber) called me about every week, just to check up on me and see how baseball's doing. He was real interested in me and I just felt comfortable up there."

Teater knows it won't be easy to play both in college, but he said it will be easier for him to do it at the Division III level, since D-III football teams don't have spring practices.

Plus, Teater said, the facilities are improving.

"They've got a multi-million dollar complex that's going to open next year, and it will be their first-ever on-campus game," Teater said. "It will be nice."

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