News Briefs for April 30

April 30, 2004

Counties receive tobacco settlement funds

Projects in Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer counties were approved Thursday by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board.

The counties will receive a total of $548,200 of the $5,469,440 in agricultural diversification projects approved by the board.

Garrard County got $300,000, including $35,000 for agricultural diversification programs, $105,000 for fencing improvement programs, $65,000 for cattle handling programs, and $95,000 for county hay, straw and commodity storage programs.

Lincoln County Farm Bureau Federation got $10,000 for a livestock cost-share program for youths. The county got a total of $245,000 for farm projects, including $35,000 for forage improvement, $50,000 for cattle genetics improvement programs, $20,000 for goat diversification programs, $80,000 for cattle handling programs, and $50,000 for hay, straw and commodity storage programs.

Boyle County got $60,000 for fencing improvement programs, and Mercer County got $3,200 for forage improvement programs.

Info sought on Lincoln superintendents

STANFORD - The Lincoln County Education Program is asking the community to help it gather information on individuals who served as superintendent for Lincoln County Schools in the early 1900s.


Kate Bogle, a native of the Hustonville area, died in 1942 and had two sisters, Belle Bogle and Lizzie Bogle Headley of Lexington.

Kate Blain, a native of the Hustonville area, died in 1936 and had a sister and brother, Bettie Tupman and John Blain.

Garland Singleton, a native of Lincoln County, died in 1944, and had a daughter and two sons, Mayme Singleton and Walter and Wallace Singleton.

Anyone with information on these individuals or knows someone who might is asked to contact Phyllis Elder at (606) 365-2124 ext 352 or by mail at 305 Danville Ave, P.O. Box 265, Stanford 40484.


Garrard County Fiscal Court - 8 a.m. Saturday at the courthouse for a special session to discuss the proceeds from the county farm sale and insurance and occupational taxes. A first reading a budget amendment is planned.

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