Trailer owner upset with Hustonville

May 05, 2004|EMILY BURTON

HUSTONVILLE - Litigation is being reluctantly considered against Hustonville by a trailer owner who claims city zoning prosecution against him shows selective enforcement of the law.

"There's several people in violation, not just me, so why single me out?" asked trailer owner David Couch at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

According to Couch, the location of his new trailer behind the old gas station on Danville Avenue was approved by Mayor Larry "Pup" Doss as well as several neighbors. The trailer's lot, however, does not meet the 15,000 square footage requirements and does not have an adequate sewage system.

A letter sent to County Building Inspector Rhonda Gooch Brown, signed by Doss, said the lot in question is inside the city limits. With the city declining to join countywide planning and zoning, any land inside the city limits does not fall under the county's zoning ordinances.


But, said Brown, the installation of any new trailer has to be approved by the county. The septic system also must be adequate, a concern about the small lot that must be resolved before an installation permit can be issued, said Brown.

If lot size ordinances are to be enforced, they should be across the board, said Couch's lawyer.

"We have conducted an investigation and determined that this ordinance has never been enforced and that in fact there are at least 15 non-compliant trailers currently within city limits," including two owned by the city, said a letter sent to the city by Lexington law firm McCoy, West, Franklin & Beal. The lawyer was a last resort, said Couch, who repeatedly said he wants to find a way to settle the matter peacefully.

Council members listened to Couch's comments but said they had not been asked about the trailer.

"The mayor should have asked the council before giving approval, period," said recent council addition Gary Lynn.

The board later went into executive session to discuss pending litigation. No comments on the accusations of Couch were made during open meeting at the advice of City Attorney Carol Hill.

After Couch's comments, council members preceded to hold the first reading of a proposed 10 percent water rate increase.

According to the ordinance, the price of 2,000 gallons of water would increase from $8.83 to $9.71. Outside city limits, the same would rise from $11.04 to $12.14. The rates must be approved during second reading before taking effect.

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