Fox Brothers to perform at Inter County Energy meeting

May 05, 2004

Inter County Energy will hold its annual meeting May 14 at Boyle County High School. Registration begins at 5 p.m., and registering members will receive a free meal ticket. The business meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

The Fox Brothers, recognized by many Nashville music industry officials as America's No. 1 Christian/comedy group, will perform.

In 1999, the group received the "Entertainers of the Year" award by the Nashville-based Christian Country Music Association. Inter County Energy customers will get to soak up the sounds of such No. 1 Christian country radio singles as "Turn My Life Around" and "In This House."

"The Fox Brothers are a fun band to see live," said Jim Jacobus, president and CEO at Inter County Energy. "In addition to their televised Grand Ole Opry performances, they have performed on several popular television shows, including 'Nashville Now' and 'Crook & Chase.'"

Another highlight will be the high-energy antics of Rick Arnold, a multi-talented performer who uses music, art and motivational speaking to inspire and motivate kids. "Rick's message, 'Follow Your Dreams', is a hit with all age groups," said Jacobus. "He encourages audience participation and enthusiasm. We're very excited to have him again this year."


In addition, the event will showcase booths and exhibits, and one of the most popular literally crawls with anticipation.

"The biologists from Touchstone Energy have a great booth featuring Kentucky plants and animals, and they are passionate about protecting these natural treasures," said Sheree Gilliam, vice president of customer services at Inter County Energy. "Kids love the booth because they are able to touch and hold salamanders and other reptiles."

Green power will get some attention, too. At the EnviroWatts booth, guests can learn about the benefits of Touchstone Energy's new renewable energy program.

"Electric cooperatives are on the cutting edge of innovation," said Gilliam. "We are embracing green power, environmental education and much more. Visitors to the EnviroWatts booth will learn how the program has evolved and how exciting the future is for that kind of technology."

Guests also will be encouraged to visit the Touchstone Energy Living booth, where they can explore a series of programs dedicated to creating comfort and savings for Inter County Energy customers.

"Guests will be able to stop by our booth and pick up additional brochures, literature and contact information about any of our Touchstone Energy Living programs," said Gilliam. "We encourage our customer to get involved with the Touchstone Energy Living programs because the customer and the co-op both save in the long-term."

Each registering customer of Inter County Energy will receive a free bucket of light bulbs. As part of the co-op's energy conservation efforts, Inter County Energy is promoting the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs. Compared to an incandescent light bulb, the compact fluorescent, on average, will burn 10,000 hours longer.

The event is free.

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