Increase in city 'fees' opposed

May 05, 2004

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Sarah Pianovski's letter Friday. Ms. Pianovski has the correct take on what the city manager has suggested. A fee is the same as a tax. Any money paid to government is a tax.

The present city commission, as well as those who have preceded them, view it differently. They do not consider a fee to be a tax. They have resisted raising property taxes but consider increased fees fair game.

A fee (tax) hits the taxpayers twice. First, there are no controls regulating how much the city can charge you for "fee taxes." Second, if you are a taxpayer who itemizes your deductions on your federal income tax return, the amount of your deduction for taxes will be reduced by the amount that would now be identified as a garbage tax.


One need only to review how the "water fee" has escalated over the years to realize the impact these "fees" have on our total tax bill. They quickly get out of control.

The amount that the city can raise property taxes is limited by Kentucky statute. "Fee" taxes are not. That is why we cannot allow the imposition of these taxes.

Gordon S. Howe

City commission candidate


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