Buford's conservativism, loyalty questioned

May 07, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am concerned about several recent comments I have heard from 6th District congressional candidate Sen. Tom Buford.

In Monday's KET debate, Senator Buford was asked, "Did you strongly and actively support Alice Forgy Kerr?" His response was an emphatic, "Absolutely." This simply is not the truth. In the Jessamine Journal on Jan. 29, two weeks before the special election, Buford is quoted as saying, "I got word that the Republican Party might need someone else to run ... They're not saying that they made a mistake by choosing her (Forgy Kerr) but they can't tell yet."

In addition, Senator Buford passed an envelope containing checks for $5,000 to then-candidate Ben Chandler. Buford is quoted in The Courier-Journal, May 3: "I figured it wasn't a love letter. I didn't ask questions. It was none of my business."

Passing envelopes with contribution checks to a candidate of the opposing party is tantamount to sleeping with the enemy.


Also, based on Senator Buford's 14-year voting record, the AFL-CIO has granted him a 97.5 percent favorable rating. There is virtually no difference with Ben Chandler's 100 percent favorable rating.

The conservative voters of the 6th District deserve a candidate who is loyal to the Republican Party. We need a candidate who is not in the pocket of organized labor. We must nominate a candidate who will stand up for conservative values with strength and integrity.

That is why I am supporting Bryan Coffman for the 6th District congressional seat. There is no question where Bryan Coffman stands - with conservative Republicans. He doesn't blur the line between Republicans and Democrats like Senator Buford does.

Stephen Scott


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