Frustrated by inaction by city commission

May 07, 2004

Dear Editor:

As I have read the articles lately concerning the proposed skateboard park, I have once again become frustrated by the lack of action of our current city commission.

Why? Because I have just responded to another questionnaire given to candidates for Danville City Commission concerning our thoughts and opinions on a parking garage, skating park, finance department, etc. To me, these are non-issues in the sense that some of these questions pertain to matters that should be, or have been, decided and acted upon before the next commission takes office some eight months from now.

I can sympathize with the citizens of Crosshill Drive with their concern over an increase in traffic in their neighborhood if the skateboard park is put in Henry Jackson Park. I live on what I like to affectionately call "The Alta Avenue Bypass." However, this is the price my wife and I pay for our choice of housing, and we thoroughly enjoy both our neighbors and neighborhood.


Here's an idea: Now that the old Save-A-Lot building is going to be empty, and there isn't money for a new city hall, why not put the skatepark there? It's located downtown across from the police station where a watchful eye could be kept on the type of kids that like to skateboard and roller blade.

It sort of reminds me of when kids started playing soccer some years back. How dare they not play baseball, football, or basketball! Give me a break. Now we can't build soccer fields fast enough.

As citizens of Danville, we need to look at what is best for the whole and not just parts. We need to put aside petty differences and move forward on these and other issues because non-movement is just as bad as going backwards.

Though my wife and I are not lifelong residents of Danville, we have intentions of remaining here. We have put down money on a couple of plots in Bellevue Cemetery, and it is times like these that I feel that we may be using them before any decisions are made on issues of importance.

Jim Lehman

City commission candidate


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